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Daily Forecasts by Sam Geppi (Sadasiva)
Get daily forecasts based on the daily Panchanga, the classical Indian system of daily lunations and Nakshatras and Rashis transits. Sam has been writing these dailies for close to 20 years.
New and Full Moon's and Bonuses
Tracking the movements of the planets is the fast track to astrology success.
Dear astrology students,
I have said for years and years now that the best way to feel astrology as something “alive in you” is to watch it every day and to notice where the planets (especially the moon is moving every day.

For about 1 dollar per day, you can track these movements and a lot more, when you join. Click Here to JOIN NOW

If you want to:
~ Bring more Joy, enthusiasm and patience to your interactions with family and friends (this implies that you actually APPLY the teachings)
~ Learn more about reading your astrology chart
~ Be able to Integrate astrology in your day-to-day life
~ Understand the past and the future with more clarity
~ Get perspective and insight into this crazy world we live in
,.. then please check out everything I have on this webpage.

The methods and teachings I describe have been proven over and over again by hundreds of graduating students!

Who is this Membership for?
  • Beginning Vedic Astrology students – you will see your understanding of Vedic astrology accelerate at rocket speed, with the daily forecasts and the twice weekly updates.
  • Advanced Vedic Astrology students – You will see all of the methods you have heard about, but are unclear about using, implemented with the proper balance and precision.
  • Yoga teachers of practitioners – You will see the connection between yoga philosophy and the Cosmos, that makes karma’s ripen, both individually and collectively.
  • Those interested in Spiritual development – You will connect to the source of all “Spirit”, the universe itself and see how a reconnection to the rhythms of nature and the cosmos is essential for reclaiming any spiritual truth in this scientific age.
  • Those interested in Ayurveda – You will see the same qualities of nature reflected over and over again in the timing of Vedic astrology.
  • Those interested in holistic living – The universe is the source of “holistic”,.. astrology is the study of that universe.
  • Those interested in meditation – Learn the daily secrets and reflections for meditation each day and within the other cycles (Sun and Moon)
  • Those interested in politics and world affairs – You will see world events discussed and described from an astrological view. This gives the events themselves a higher frame – and also shows how cosmic energy takes form here on Earth.
Amazing Bonuses - Available Immediately
Bonus Course #1 Read Your Chart – Template and Video $97.00 VALUE
Use this template to learn how to read a chart. This is the exact template I use in readings and that I give my advanced student
Course #2 – Foundations of Astrology – 4 Hrs. – Value $120.00 USD
Video #1 – “Spirit Takes Form”
How does astrology actually work? Why are the planets seen as Gods? How are you and everything in creation a microcosm of divine genius? All of these questions are answered. 90 minutes

Video #2 – “Deeper Meaning of Planets, Signs and Houses”
Building upon the first video, “Spirit Takes Form” I assess how the planets express their feeing nature (through the signs) and how those signs fall at certain places to produce the things in our life. 90 minutes

Video #3 – Organizing Information For Chart Readings
An intense look at focusing and synthesizing the important parts of chart reading and streamlining / prioritizing chart analysis. I do an in depth case study of Angelina Jolie – her personality, profile – marriages, adoptions 90 minutes

Course #3 – Quantum Vedic Astrology 3 Hours – $49.00 Value
Did you know that the signs of Vedic astrology directly correlates to the science of the brain (neuroscience) and the science of matter (quantum physics). You may have heard these things referred to before, but how they work specifically
With This Membership, You'll Learn...
The promise of each day, based on the Indian Panchanga - 5-fold division of time each day.
The most recent lunation, new moons and full moon, and being in alignment with these PORTALS - relative to YOUR SIGN
Hours of Free Classes when you join. Chart reading template, Quantum Vedic astrology and a lot more.
14 day trial for only .50 to see if you want to be a full-time member.
Sam Geppi
Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) is the author of “Yoga and Vedic Astrology” and The Ascendant-108 Planets of Vedic Astrology”. Shri Ravi Shankar published his book “Yoga and Vedic Astrology” through the “Art of Living”, as it so deeply conveys the Vedic roots of Astrology. He has taught Vedic astrology Certification Levels I-III since 2010.